Polly Apfelbaum


Polly Apfelbaum

Some artists take multiple mediums and have them converge into one piece; their art is experienced in a space between formal disciplines. One such artist is Polly Apfelbaum, whose works are self-described as “fallen paintings,” or artworks that bring together the mediums of painting, sculpture and installation, to create something truly unique.


Apfelbaum was born in 1955 in Abington, Pennsylvania but currently resides and works in New York City. She established her unique styling of utilizing spaces such as corners, ceilings, and floors at an early age in her artistic career. Polly Apfelbaum finds her ideas from her strong sense of feminism and exposure to popular culture, on top of focusing on the abstract and expressionism art that came out of the post-war era from the likes of Andy Warhol and other notable artists during that time.


Polly Apfelbaum also attended college at both Tyler School of Art in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania and the SUNY Purchase College in Purchase, New York, where she actively started to establish herself as a prominent artist. Her work began proliferating and showing up in exhibits and galleries in Florida, New Mexico, Texas, and even in India, throughout Europe, Canada, and many other locations. They still continue to be center pieces at several locations while Polly Apfelbaum continues to work on new and exciting pieces in her studio in New York.


Apfelbaum’s creative process is developed through sketching and arranging vibrant hand dyed fabrics and then putting everything together in order to become installations or mixed media expressionism art. Her most famous works include “Power to the Flower,” and her pieces of work which are normally untitled and span across many feet across the floor with varying colors and fabrics. Apfelbaum continues to bring a whimsical post-modern vision to the art community, working on organic fallen paintings that channel post-war expressionist and pop art aesthetic.


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