Floored by Polly Apfelbaum Prints and Mixed Media

New York artist Polly Apfelbaum is one of the more unique Contemporary Artists working today. The artist is undoubtedly best known for her “fallen” paintings and mixed media installations, which are primarily crafted on floors. Recently, collectors have become intrigued with Polly Apfelbaum prints, some of which are currently available for sale at Vertu Fine Art Gallery in Boca Raton. Apfelbaum’s playful combination of vibrant colors, rich textures and funky shapes have become the artist’s easily identifiable brand.

With enormous talent as my savior, the most simplistic, seemingly low-minded subjects rise up under my tutelage and blow your mind.”

“Playful” is indeed the word that typically comes to mind when considering her work. “Childlike” is another, and in fact, it’s one that Apfelbaum relishes. Critics have compared her work to those that might be produced by young school-aged children. The artist perceives such comments as confirmation that her intentions are being effectively communicated. Sharing stylistic commonalities with Pop Art icons such as WarholJohns or Lichtenstein, Polly Apfelbaum’s prints and installations blast the viewer with whimsy. She joins a larger selection of great Pop Artists in presenting works with a mindset that says, “With enormous talent as my savior, the most simplistic, seemingly low-minded subjects rise up under my tutelage and blow your mind.” It’s akin to watching Tchaikovsky compose’ Love Me Do.


Apfelbaum’s genius is frequently manifested in works that feature dyed organic fabrics or ornate synthetic materials laid out on floors in installation spaces − allowing for participation among viewers. The installations are arranged in what appears to a randomly placed assortment. By moving around the space, participants gain a variety of perspectives that, in essence, change both perception and meaning.


In her art school years, Apfelbaum studies were focused on printing and painting. Within her career, as with most masters, Polly Apfelbaum apparently “fell” into her unique style, one that is most often described as a collaboration of painting, sculpture and installation.  In recent years, she has shown a resurging interest and gift for producing exquisite prints.



Among the Polly Apfelbaum prints for sale at VFU are a number of works from her “Flags of Revolt and Defiance” series.  The group of works, each paying tribute to a cultural or political revolutionary movement, includes 31 silkscreen prints in all, combining iconic representations with Apfelbaum’s “pop flower” shapes. The series was created for an installation at Columbia University’s LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies in 2006.


Polly Apfelbaum continues to receive praise and recognition for her art and most recently, she was named a 2012-2013 recipient of the 116th Annual Rome Prize.  The prize, which is “awarded to approximately 30 individuals who represent the highest standard of excellence in the arts and humanities,” grants stipend, studio, room and boarding for a period of six months to two years at The American Academy in Rome.  The artist’s prior accolades include being a recipient of the Joan Mitchell Award, a Guggenheim Fellowship and a Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant, among others.


Polly Apfelbaum’s works are current contributions to many public viewings worldwide, including internally spaces at FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais (Dunkerque and Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (France), Israel Museum (Jerusalem, Israel), Magasin 3 (Stockholm, Sweden) and a large variety of museums and public spaces domestically.


If you share our excitement for the works of this wonderfully talented artist, come in to our Boca Raton Gallery to view the current selection of Polly Apfelbaum prints for sale. If you’re a collector seeking a particular Apfelbaum work, we are always happy to assist in sourcing it for you. Thank you for visiting our website and taking an interest in the Contemporary Art that we enjoy so very much!

August 21, 2013
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