VFA at the Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary Art Fair

March 21-24 at the Palm Beach Convention Center

The Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary Art Fair is being held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center on Friday, March 22 through Sunday, March 24 with a VIP Preview on Thursday, March 21 from 5pm-9pm.


For the Vertu Fine Art exhibit, at Booth C2, we have curated works of the best and finest Modern and Contemporary artists from our gallery:


Robert Longo (b.1953) is a fine artist, photographer, sculptor, filmmaker and musician. His iconic images, particularly those from the 1981 Men in the Cities series, have been used in film and tv as commentary on cultural, commercial and political psyche or our world. The image of his torqued figures were prominent in the film American Psycho and at the opening credits of the Mad Men tv series. 


Longo asked friends, many of whom were artists and punk rockers, to pose in suits and dresses on his roof. He threw objects at them, tied and pulled them into poses using ropes and then photographed them. He then projected the photographs and traced them in graphite. The series became associated with corporate America, Wall Street and New York.

Art is an attempt to try and understand our own contemporary situation through making images that are completely personal, while also addressing our social context.
– Robert Longo 

Longo also directed Johnny Mnemonic, a 1995 cyberpunk action film, starring Keanu Reeves. The film takes place (ironically) in the year 2021, when technology has caused massive cultural problems, led by large corporations and organized crime. 


He has also produced music videos (R.E.M’s The One I Love), and still creates sculptures (he studied sculpture and received a BFA from State University College in Buffalo).


Work from Robert Longo’s Men in the Cities series will be available at our booth at the Fair. Also available will be work by Julian Opie, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Harland Miller, Kenny Scharf, Alex Katz, Jonas Wood, Rik Oostenbroek and more. 


Please contact us if you would like more information about the  Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary Art Fair and/or any of the works available at VFA.

March 14, 2024
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