VFA at Art Miami 2023

Vertu Fine Art will be exhibiting the finest Modern and Contemporary art at Art Miami 2023. The 33rd Edition of Art Miami 2023 runs from December 5 through December 10 and will feature works in more than 170 international galleries by over 900 artists.


Our focus, at VFA is on Fine Art Prints as well as paintings, drawings, sculptures and generative art. Here’s a preview of some of the featured artists whose works will be available at the VFA exhibit:


Alex Katz had a triumphant seventy-year retrospective at the Guggenheim this year. Much of the exhibit focused on paintings and sculptures of his family, his erudite Manhattan literary friends and the natural world around his summer home in Lincolnville, Maine.  Katz is a masterful printmaker. His use of color in his screenprints, woodcuts, linocuts and etchings is unparalleled. 



 British artist Harland Miller found his inspiration in a Paris bookshop. He lived in Paris for a while after getting his MFA in 1988. It was homesickness that sent him walking around Paris looking for some comfort….which he found in second-hand copies of English language Penguin books. Those books inspired his style, and though much of his works are done in oil, he has become a fine printmaker.


In a recent interview in Artspace, Miller said, "But look y’know, a lot of my work has been inspired by print and print making. I have to say I wasn’t a very good printmaker - technically - and perhaps consequently I got to love the imperfections of print: the mistakes, the mess! I’m very inspired by Warhol, and Warhol was very obviously inspired by imperfect colour plate registration, and he took that and exaggerated it on, I think it can be said, a heroic level! I’m also a bit of a pop artist - of course I am - and as such I really love and revel in repetition. Revel in it? That’s maybe taking it too far, but I love the power of repetition which is such a part of print making and what I also love about it is it stops! Y’know, it’s a run, and the run stops, its finite.”



 After years of living and working in Brooklyn, Katherine Bernhardt is back in her hometown of St. Louis. She moved into a house that she used to drive by in her family car, and dreamed of living in when she was a child.


The move has had no impact on the playfulness of her paintings, prints and sculptures.



 Alex Katz, Harland Miller and Katherine Bernhardt are just three of the many artists whose works will be on display at the VFA exhibit at the Art Miami Fair. Also on exhibit will be works by generative artist Tyler Hobbs, recent acquisitions of Andy Warhol screenprints, mixed media works by Roy Lichtenstein, who is being memory is being honored this, the Centennial year of his birth


Along with the recent acquisitions by Andy Warhol, Alex Katz and Katherine Bernhardt aren recent acquisitions by generative artists Richard Nadler, Rik Oostenbroek, and Artemis, exclusively at VFA.



 Art Miami 2023 is held at the waterfront location, One Herald Plaza, on Biscayne Bay, nestled between the Venetian and MacArthur Causeways in the heart of Downtown Miami. VIP Previews will be held on December 5th and opens to the public on December 6 through 10.




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November 29, 2023
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