Tyler Hobbs' New Algorithm, Alex Katz "Controls the Space"

Generative artist Tyler Hobbs has been experimenting with a new algorithm called QQL, that he developed with fellow generative artist Dandelion Wist. The new works were created with a plotter and painted by hand after their creation with  QQL. Hobbs will be exhibiting new works at the Pace gallery in New York.


The 35-year-old, Austin-based artist has been called ‘the poster boy of generative art’. He has studied fine art and has a B.S. degree in Computer Science.


QQL: Analogs will be on exhibit from March 30 to April 22, 2023.



 Alex Katz’s hugely successful and well-deserved retrospective at the Guggenheim closed on February 20th. For Katz, the show may have felt like a vindication for all the years that he was ignored by New York critics and galleries for sticking to his figurative and landscape works. 


In Artforum magazine, artist Sam McKinniss wrote about the resistance of the mainstream art scene to Katz’s works: “Establishment resistance to Katz all but evaporated back in 1986, however, when New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art mounted his first career retrospective. Prior to then, truculent Abstract Expressionists routinely picketed his gallery shows all over the world, enraged by what seemed a betrayal of the New York School’s progressive mission to rush international culture into a spiritual high-mindedness at odds with any type of quotidian life on the ground.”


Even the Guggenheim itself, with its tilted and curved walls, seemed the perfect venue for Katz’s large paintings and sculptures. In an interview with Artforum’s Editor-in-Chief, David Velasco, Katz said, “I can’t blame anyone for taking a Rothko or a Twombly over one of mine. They’re real muscular, but when you put them in that space they control it. So halfway through I knew I could control that whole space.”


Alex Katz has upcoming solo exhibits in Vienna, Paris, the Netherlands, Seoul and Los Angeles. 


Alex Katz: Collaboration with Poets is currently on exhibit at the Poetry Foundation in Chicago. The show was curated with the help of Katz’s son, poet Vincent Katz, and will be on display through May 20, 2023.


Please contact us if you would like more information about the works of Tyler Hobbs and Alex Katz available at VFA.




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February 20, 2023
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