VFA at Art on Paper, September 7-10 at Pier 36

As the print evolves, it tells you, you tell it. You have a conversation with a print
 Helen Frankenthaler, 1988

VFA will be part of the 9th edition of the Art on Paper Fair at Manhattan’s Pier 36, during Armory Arts Week, from September 7 through September 10, 2023.


Art on Paper features modern and contemporary paper-based art works exhibited by galleries from around the world. There will also be educational and interactive events to provide fairgoers with a deeper understanding of print-making and the use of paper as an artistic medium.


The Vertu Fine Art Gallery exhibit will include works by mid-century, contemporary and generative artists.Here’s a look at some of the artists whose works will be showcased at Art on Paper at VFA:


Helen Frankenthaler (1928-2011) had a profound influence on mid-twentieth century art. Her technique of pouring thin paint onto her canvas led to Color Field Painting. Although they appeared abstract, much of Frankenthaler’s works were often based on natural landscapes.


Frankenthaler was invited to create prints at Universal Limited Art Editions (ULAE) in 1960. The printshop had just opened and was looking for artists with whom they could collaborate. Frankenthaler worked with ULAE for the next fifteen years, adding intaglio and woodcut to her repertory.


She was awarded the National Medal of Arts in 2001. Her works are part of the permanent collections of The Met, MoMA, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. the Guggenheim, the Whitney, the Centre Pompidou in Paris and many other major venues.



Susumu Kamijo was born in 1975 in Nagano, Japan. He watched American movies and cartoons when he was young and said that his dream was  to become an all-American teenager, "like Michael J. Fox’s character in “Back to the Future.”


Instead, Kamijo studied painting and drawing and received a BFA from the University of Oregon and went on to get an MFA at University of Washington in Seattle, where he befriended artist Jonas Wood. He moved to Brooklyn, where he set up a studio, met a dog groomer and became obsessed with the poodles that she groomed.


His paintings, drawings and recent sculptures of poodles have garnered him international attention and have been shown in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Berlin, Stockholm, Seoul and, most recently, Paris.



Generative artist Harvey Rayner (b. 1975 in England) lives and works in upstate New York. He creates his work with coding as his primary artistic language and also has a love of nostalgia. “I love the idea of attempting to capture movement or an ever-changing form with static, precise, and geometric methods.” he told interviewer Jeff Davis. “Like in Leonardo’s drawings of the turbulent flow of water or what the Futurists were attempting in the last century.”


To that end, Rayner uses muted colors and enhances the textural quality of his works by printing his large, code-generated creations on Hahnemühle German etching paper with hand-torn deckled edges.



 The works of Helen Frankenthaler, Susumu Kamijo and Harvey Rayner will be available at the VFA booth at the Art on Paper Fair, along with those of other fine artists.



Jeff Davis.In Conversation with Harvey Rayner. Art

August 31, 2023
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