Robert Rauschenberg Prints at VFA

Vertu Fine Art is pleased to present a few examples of the impressive Robert Rauschenberg prints for sale at our South Florida art gallery. Rauschenberg’s contributions as an Abstract Expressionist and Pop Artist were powerful and significant in defining moments attributed to both movements. At a time when nations and people were rebounding from the Second World War, emotionally and intellectually, artists who pushed boundaries and challenged the status quo were in high demand. Robert Rauschenberg was one such artist and his thought provoking works continuously inspire artists and collectors alike.


Robert Rauschenberg masterfully juxtaposed emotionally charged objects to make bold statements, while also raising important questions about suggested or perceived correlations. In 1965, at a time when the issue of racial equality became a more highly focused topic, CORE evolved into a stronger and more prominent organization. By including images of the Statue of Liberty, a Civil War soldier statue, various industrial images, John F. Kennedy and a Native American − side by side, Rauschenberg most certainly was set the table for a number of interesting inferences.


CORE is also a work that demonstrates the affinity that Robert Rauschenberg had for printmaking and mixed media. Well known for his combines, for which the artist collected rubbish from the streets of New York to include as components, this work suggests a different style of mixed media. In creating CORE, Rauschenberg blended silkscreen techniques with traditional painting techniques, applying brush strokes and stains to the printed images offered in this rather special collage.


Another truly historic Robert Rauschenberg print for sale at VFA is Marsh from the Stoned Moon series inspired by NASA’s successful Apollo 11 mission to the moon. In 1966, Robert Rauschenberg and Billy Klüver, an electrical engineer from Bell Telephone Laboratories, launched an organization called Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) to foster collaboration between artists and engineers. Rauschenberg was rewarded by the engineers at NASA, who invited the artist to personally witness the Apollo 11 launch at the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida.


Following this moving experience, Robert Rauschenberg created his Stoned Moon series of 34 lithographs that included, among other things, official images from the NASA archive – such as those of astronauts, space suites, machinery and engineering drafts. The Stone Moon lithographs were also considered to be technically forward-thinking printmaking as well, as certain lithographs were the largest to have been created at that time.


Another inventive and “process heavy” Robert Rauschenberg print for sale is Epic from the artist’s Ground Rules series. The ground rules series of prints, eleven in all, were created in 1997 working with master printers from ULAE (Universal Limited Art Editions).


The series contained works done by way of intaglio, with images transferred to photogravure plate and printed on Arches En Tout Cas paper. The result was a production with uniquely textured otherworldly images. Much of Rauschenberg’s career focused upon this blended approach toward achieving an artistic vision altered by the application of scientific experimentation.


Viewing Robert Rauschenberg’s works can prove to be a nostalgic experience, bringing to the surface a multitude of questions about emotionally charged times in postwar America. For collectors and art enthusiasts, the works of Rauschenberg elicit thoughts about the creative shots fired by an artist who has forever changed the face of Contemporary Art in America.


The pieces examined within this post are merely an example of the Robert Rauschenberg works available for sale at the Vertu Fine Art Gallery in Boca Raton, FL. If you are a collector seeking a specific Rauschenberg work, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help. If you are local to our gallery, please stop in to see all of the latest Pop Art, Optical Art and Abstract Expressionist works currently available.

October 25, 2013
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