David Hockney Goes Viral

David Hockney’s latest solo exhibition Something New in Painting (and Photography) [and even Printing] … Continued opened at the L.A. Louver Gallery on February 7.


Not long after the opening, Joni Mitchell, a long-time acquaintance of David Hockney, walked in to the gallery to view the show. A young gallery employee, Jacob Sousa, grabbed his camera and asked if he could taken their picture.


Mitchell took Hockney by the hand, the photo was taken, posted on the gallery’s Instagram account on Valentine’s Day, and the post went viral. Millions of people…from Hollywood celebs to members of the British Parliament…were touched by the image of the two icons holding hands. They each appear as vibrant and relevant as the Hockney work in front of which they are standing.


The moment is reminiscent of the photo taken of David Hockney and his long-time muse, Celia Britwell, standing in front of a painting he did of Celia and her then-husband, Ossie Clark, in 1971. Hockney did many portraits of Britwell, including a portrait for the cover of Paris Vogue and Celia with Green Hat, for sale at VFA.


At age 81, Hockey has been expanding his use of technology with i-Pad paintings like My Shirt and Trousers, also available at VFA and creating works of enormous scale and vibrant color.

The exhibit at L.A. Louver includes mural-sized photographic drawings, large-scale multi-canvas paintings, and a series of portrait drawings on canvas, done in Hockney’s Los Angeles studio. Something New in Painting (and Photography) [and even Printing] … Continued runs through March 23, 2019.


David Hockney Set Record at Christie’s for Living Artist

David Hockney became the most highly valued living artist when his 1972 painting, Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) sold at Christie’s at the November auction for $90.3 million, after less than ten minutes of bidding.


The painting broke the previous record for a living artist, which was held by Jeff Koons, for the sale of his Balloon Dog (Orange) for $58.4 million in 2013. Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) was inspired by two photographs that Hockney happened to spot on the floor of his studio.


The Hockneys: Never Worry What the Neighbours Think

David Hockney was one of five siblings, born and raised in Bradford, England. John, the youngest sibling, has written a book about the Hockney family. The book’s subtitle, Never Worry What the Neighbors Think, was something that their father often told them.


The siblings diverse, interesting, and successful, lives are chronicled in John Hockney’s memoir, which will be released in October, 2019 by Legend Press. On the cover is David Hockney’s 1977 painting, My Parents, which is part of the permanent collection at the Tate.


David Hockney Works at VFA

Please contact us if you would like more information about My Shirt and Trousers, Celia with Green Hat or any of the other fine artwork available at VFA.



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