When I travel I don’t leave Dublin or Ireland, I feel like I bring it with me, you know? I’m trying to showcase this Irish guy that’s doing stuff abroad.
- Alan Hester / Maser

Alan Hester aka "Maser" was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1981. At around the age of fourteen, Hester began to paint graffiti in Dublin. He used the street name Maser. 


Hester studied Visual Communication Arts in Dublin. He uses bold colors and simple, abstract forms in both his street murals and his paintings, woodblock prints, copper plate etchings and collage artworks. 


He has traveled extensively around the world, and has been invited to create murals in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Uganda, and the United States.


Hester is also known for dating some of Ireland’s well-known models. He has been linked with former Dancing With The Stars contestant Thalia Heffernan, TV host Vogue Williams and model and DJ Daniella Moyles.


Alan Hester’s works have been featured in exhibitions at Graphic Studio Gallery in Dublin, the Lazarides Gallery in London, the Palais de Tokyo Gallery in Paris, and the National Gallery of Ireland. In 2018, he founded Atelier Now, a public gallery and creative studio in Dublin. He continues to travel and to keep and maintain a home and studio in Dublin.




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