Erin O'Keefe


Erin O'Keefe is a contemporary artist known for her unique approach to photography and sculpture. Born in 1962 in Bronxville, New York, O'Keefe initially pursued a career in architecture before turning to art full-time.


O'Keefe's interest in the interplay of light, space, and color is evident in her work, which blurs the boundaries between two and three-dimensional forms. She often constructs small-scale models using cardboard, foam board, and other simple materials, which she then photographs to create large-scale images that are at once abstract and highly detailed.


In addition to her photographic works, O'Keefe has also created a series of sculptures that explore the intersection of geometry and perception. These works often use bright, contrasting colors and asymmetrical shapes to create dynamic, playful compositions.


O'Keefe's work has been exhibited in galleries and museums across the United States, including the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago and the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia. Her photographs have also been featured in numerous publications, including The New Yorker and The Wall Street Journal.


In addition to her artistic practice, O'Keefe is a professor of architecture at New Jersey Institute of Technology. She holds degrees from Cornell University and the University of California, Berkeley, and has received numerous awards and grants for her work, including a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2019.


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