Dabs Myla is a contemporary artist duo consisting of Dabs (born in 1981) and Myla (born in 1984), who are originally from Melbourne, Australia. They both began their artistic careers as graffiti writers and later transitioned into fine art.


Dabs Myla's art is characterized by its playful, cartoonish style and its use of bright colors and intricate patterns. They often create immersive installations and large-scale murals that invite viewers into a surreal and fantastical world.


Throughout their career, Dabs Myla has exhibited their work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums around the world, including in the United States, Australia, and Europe. They have also collaborated with brands such as Nike, Kidrobot, and Vans on various projects.


In addition to their art, Dabs Myla are also known for their collaborative approach to creativity. They work closely together on all aspects of their art, from sketching and painting to designing and building installations. They often draw inspiration from their travels and experiences, as well as from their shared love of music and pop culture.


Dabs Myla's unique style and approach to art have earned them critical acclaim and a dedicated following. They continue to create works that push the boundaries of traditional art forms and inspire viewers to see the world in a new and playful way.


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