Andy Warhol’s Georgia O’Keeffe Portrait

In 1979, the meeting of Pop Art icon Andy Warhol and another famous American artist, Georgia O’Keeffe, resulted in the Warhol production of a highly coveted series of diamond dust prints. At this point in time, when Georgia and Andy agreed to sit for one another, Ms. O’Keeffe had pretty much ceased her own creations, as her diminished eyesight had worsened and she was in her early nineties at the time. For Andy Warhol, despite meeting being a larger than life celebrity in 1979 and regularly meeting other celebrities – the opportunity to meet with Georgia O’Keeffe was still a big deal – as the two of them had solidified their positions at the top of the list of important American artists of the 20th century.


Warhol collectors, O’Keeffe collectors, art historians and enthusiasts all claim equal rights to be sincerely intrigued by the series of Georgia O’Keeffe portraits that Warhol produced as a variety of colored screenprints with diamond dust. A cherished recent acquisition by Vertu Fine Art − a gold print within the series – shimmers impressively on a prominent wall at our Boca Raton, FL gallery.


This Warhol portrait of Georgia O’Keeffe is simply grand and mesmerizing when seen in person. Photographic Images typically fail to do justice to works adorned with diamond dust and the many we’ve taken thus far are consistent with this digital media shortcoming. In other words, the best way to properly appreciate this work is to stop in to our gallery located at The Shops at Boca Center. Besides, we’re always happy to see you.


The gold screenprint currently on display at VFA was acquired from a client who received it as a gift from the well-known Warhol printer Rupert Jasen Smith. This Warhol screenprint is a sight to behold, with its large stature, magnificent depth of color and sparkling diamond dust adornment. This work also represents a palpable sense of intrigue about the meeting and relationship of these two important Contemporary Art figures.


Not to imply that Andy and Georgia had much of a personal relationship with one another, as the two could not have been more different – in their approach to art, public perception and personal lifestyle. After all, Georgia was known best for her floral abstractions and landscapes; not to mention her personal wonderment of nature. Andy of course, was famous for helping to define Pop Art, with his cool and detached interpretations of commercialism, celebrity and the more artificial aspects of American life.



Personally, Georgia was known to be a loner, at home in her own skin, spending much of her time embracing the expanses of the great outdoors in New Mexico. Andy Warhol lived on the other end of the spectrum, chasing down all opportunities to be in the public eye, to hang out with the celebrities he admired and to be a part of the hip New York City social scene.


The intense differences in personal nature most certainly give the viewer fuel for considering the interaction between Andy and Georgia. Of their meeting in 1979, it’s been said that Andy Warhol suggested to Ms. O’Keeffe that perhaps contact lenses could help her deteriorating eyesight and that Georgia quickly dismissed the idea. At our Boca Raton gallery, viewers of this new Andy Warhol screenprint note a sense of stoic determination in the eyes of Georgia O’Keeffe. Indeed, Andy Warhol captured in a stoic pose the essence of a living legend, a woman who helped pave a road unlike any created by an American female artist prior.


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February 16, 2014
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